David Dworken
Bug Bounty Participant and Open Source Programmer

Cyber Security

In the past I have found vulnerabilities in Uber, Adobe, AT&T, Western Union, Symantec, Dyn, and more. I have found everything from XSS to RCE in a wide variety of websites.

See my HackerOne profile for some of my past work.

Projects on Github

Project Name Description Language
2200087 Multimeter Reverse engineered an unknown serial protocol and implemented it to allow for cross platform usage of the 2200087 multimeter's graphing utility. Python
Malicious Proxy Scanner Automatically scanned over 10,000 different free proxies searching for malicious modification of webpages. Discovered numerous proxies injecting extra HTML, javascript, or ads. Python
Python-WMATA Wrote a library wrapper around WMATA's API for the metro in Washington DC. Also implemented path finding between metro stops. Python
Google Photos Storage Encode arbitrary data into photos in a compression resistant manner so that the photos can then be uploaded to Google's free photo storage without data loss. Python


I am a current college freshman at Northeastern University in Boston. I am currently working towards a major in Computer Science and a minor in Electrical Engineering.

I have worked as a cybersecurity consultant to companies including: Tumblr, Adobe, AT&T, Western Union, Symantec, and many more. Along with this, I am an avid programmer and I enjoy spending my free time hacking on a variety of different programming projects in Python and Rust.

Contact Me

If you want to encrypt your mail, encrypt with my PGP key.
If you want to avoid Gmail's servers, send to ddworken@protonmail.com.